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Our mission


To give voice to children and adolescents living in poverty and to make them visible as rights holders.

Our vision


To be recognized in Peru and the Latin American area as an expert in the development of models of comprehensive care for early childhood by promoting scaling strategies and articulation with both local and regional management.


Institutional principles and values

Equality and equity

We appreciate people as equals and we work to reduce the gaps that society has created between us. Children, young girls and boys are the foundation of our organization.



We are always making sure that our behavior and decisions are governed by a broad sense of impartiality and full respect for the rights and duties of each individual as well as the recognition of their merits.


Respect and tolerance

We recognize the right of people to profess their own ideas, beliefs, opinions and to express themselves through their own practices; this diversity is the wealth on which our society and culture is founded.


Solidarity and cooperation

Our actions are always aimed to join efforts for the greater good, because we are and feel part of a collective with the same purpose.

Honesty and transparency

The behavior of our Association and all of its members are guided and distinguished by integrity and neatness wherever we are.



Those of us who integrate Kusi Warma do so with a sense of identity that generates conviction and inspires us to assume responsibly and voluntarily transcendental tasks for the achievement of our mission.



Every Kusi Warma member pays special attention to showing a consistent relationship between our discourse and actions in our daily practice, and through those we show the world our philosophy and institutional values.


Quality and efficiency

We seek and strive to achieve the highest levels of personal and organizational performance, through creativity, continuous innovation, and optimization of our resources.