Kusiwarma | Success
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Our work has allowed us to make significant progress on children lives.


(Source: final balance of the nutritional situation of children under 36 months of age)




(Source: final balance of the results in the field of protection, Margarita Diaz)




(Source: final balance of Kusi Warma – February 2015)



What makes us the proudest are our improvements on the lives of the children in fundamental aspects of their development. To intervene on the early childhood since pregnancy, ensures a good start in life, prevents health problems as malnutrition and anemia, and strengthens the mother-son bond to prevent violence situations.


We are also interested on the adequate development of comprehensive language, which is a predictor of good school performance, specially of reading comprehension, which is a great deficit on the Peruvian education system.


The children that participate in our actions, are trained and empowered about their rights. They know where to go in vulnerable situations and participate in public spaces where they are the protagonists, such as the School Defensives (DESNAs), Schools Municipalities and Councils of Children and Adolescents.


Our direct work in the communities, continually and respectfully of their local culture, speaking their language (quechua-speakers at the Andes), establishes trust bonds with families, that contributes to the improvement of practices for the good grown and development of children.