Kusiwarma | Scaling Early Start in Huancavelica and Andahuaylas
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The Bernard van Leer Foundation of the Netherlands supports the scaling strategy which is based on the strengthening and consolidation of abilities and competences in early childhood care provided by the health department because their coverage reaches the greatest number of children under 3 years of age: prenatal care, childbirth, growth and development of children (vaccines, evaluation of growth and development and counseling to families).


Kusi Warma carries out a program of activities addressed to the authorities of DIRESA, UGEL, Cuna Mas and Juntos so they can value importance of our training program and grant their personnel the necessary permits to participate in them. We provide information that supports the importance of comprehensive care to early childhood stated in our model so that as a waterfall, it reaches the families of the Huancavelica and Apurímac.


Project period: 04/01/16 to 03/31/19


Expected results:


  • The families of at least 6282 children under 3 years of age have access to family support programs in the provinces of Andahuaylas and Huancavelica.
  • Kusi Warma develops the abilities and competences necessary to provide accompaniment and technical capacity to the regions of Huancavelica and Apurimac in the expansion of the family program to over 56,000 children from 0 to 3 years.
  • A better understanding of the challenges and solutions to scaling up a family program in the Andean regions of Peru.




Huancavelica Region: Huancavelica Regional Government, Huancavelica Provincial Municipality, Huancavelica UGEL, Huancavelica DEMUNA, Huancavelica Family Police Station, Women’s Emergency Center, Huancavelica Regional Health Directorate, Huncavelica Province Health Network, District Municipality of Huancavelica New Occoro, District Municipality of Santa Ana, District Municipality Arma, District Municipality of Acoria, First Family Fisacalia of the Public Ministry of Huancavelica, Defender of the Huancavelica People – Commissioner of Children and Adolescents.


Apurímac Region: Regional Government of Apurímac, Provincial Municipality of Andahuaylas, District Municipality of San Jerónimo, District Municipality of Turpo, District Municipality of Santa María de Chicmo, District Municipality of Huancaray, District Municipality of Talavera de la Reyna, Direction of Health Apurímac II, UGEL Andahuaylas, National Program Cuna Más – Andahuaylas Headquarters.