Kusiwarma | Promoting positive parenting
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With the support of Infants del Món association and the Government of Andorra we promote respectful parenting, with love not violence for children under 3 years in 5 communities of the Ventanilla district. Our work primarily focuses on the strengthening of parental skills through a continuous process of training.


Our objective is that children from 0 to 3 years learn and master skills, called developmental milestones, according to their age. In this process is also fundamental that they receive attention and affection from their parents, in communities organized to monitor the evolution of their development. In order to achieve this goal, parents receive personalized guidance (home visits) that help them manage their own emotions. We believe that this is the key to positive and affective parenting and it also responds to a constant requirement from parents, who claim to sometimes have zero tolerance and use physical and verbal punishment. To ensure sustainability, we simultaneously train community agents so that they can carry out home visits as «community counselors»


These 5 communities have their own Child Protection Policy, whose objective is to prevent situations of abuse towards children and adolescents. It is our goal that all families in the community know this Policy and apply the rout map in cases of abuse.


Project period: 15/08/18 al 14/08/19


Expected results:


  • The fathers and mothers of children from 0 to 3 years benefit from the training opportunities in good care practices; they recognize the causes of developmental delay and provide adequate care and attention to their children.
  • The 5 communities of Ventanilla prioritize in their Child Protection Policy (PPI) actions to promote good treatment to children under 3 years of pregnancy.