Kusiwarma | Promoción de los derechos de la infancia en Huancavelica
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Our objectives are to improve the physical and psychological health of 1500 children in the district of Huancavelica and that parents, teachers and children themselves are informed about their rights and claim compliance, each from their respective instance of action.


We carry out our activities with the preventive approach, that is, we develop capacities in families, community leaders and authorities so that, in an organized way, they can prevent nutritional and health risks for pregnant women and children under 3 years through the implementation of the MAIPI.


We see children as holders of rights, as unique and singular human beings and we work so that adults can see them that way too. It is up to them to demand from the health department, education and the local government the fulfillment of their role as guarantors of rights. Likewise, we promote that the care of children transcends the family space by working with community health agents, who receive training to visit the families in their communities and monitor the development of children under the age of 3.


Donor: Kindernothilfe


Project period: 12/01/13 to 12/31/18


Expected results:

  • The nutrition situation of pregnant women and children under 3 years old is improved.
  • In 9 Huancavelica schools, children, parents and teachers demand the compliance of children’s rights.
  • The population in the region has been sensitized on children rights and uses the State System of Child Protection.
  • In Huancavelica, networks work together on children’s rights issues and carry out lobbying activities to improve the legal framework.