Kusiwarma | Pro Infancia: Conocer, reconocer y aplicar los derechos de la infancia
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With the help of Kindernothilfe and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany – BMZ, Pro infancia: conocer, reconocer y aplicar los derechos de la infancia promotes the development of children and adolescents in 5 communities of Pachacutec and Las Minas del Rey Salomon in the district of Ventanilla.


Our goal is to improve the development of 4300 children and adolescents by raising awareness about the importance of respecting their rights. To do so we work with parents, civilians and the community itself through four components: training, educational information and awareness, social mobilization and advocacy. Our mission is to help them understand the importance of early childhood development by recognizing their roles as parents, family, state institutions and society as a whole in ensuring a good quality of life during childhood, which would later be reflected in adulthood.


Project period: 02/01/15 to 01/31/19


Expected results:


  • The public institutions that act as guarantors of rights for children and adolescents are actively engaged in the prevention of violence and thereby increase their acceptance in society.
  • The implementation of a Child Protection Policy provides greater awareness about the importance of keeping children safe in the communities and impulses their protection.
  • The nutritional status and early education practices in children under three years is improved.
  • School children, teachers and parents in 8 Ventanilla schools are informed about children rights, recognize its importance and demand compliance.