Kusiwarma | Prevention of Violence
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Prevention of violence

The violence against children and adolescents not only its a vulneration of their rights – the right to a life free of violence – but also interferes with the practice of the group of them.
In the violence problematic, a crucial element is the handling of power. The children and adolescents, as a result of their own evolution process, are in a disadvantage of power in all their relationships with adults and in all the different contexts that they live in, which is the first level of risk for violence.
Additionally, the gender also limits the handling of power. The women of all ages are the ones that suffer the most of the consequences of this.


We prioritize the the preventive promotional intervention, addressed mainly to strengthen the resources of children and adolescents and the actors that surround them (family, school, community, organizations, institutions and public and private services) to make a front for the risk of violence.


We prioritize action linked to strengthen the capacities in four levels of the ecosystemic model:

  • On the individual level, we work with the children and adolescents to achieve the acknowledgment of their rights, the develop of social abilities, the identification of the external resources of support. This way, we make them visible at the community and family level as subjects with rights.
  • The work with families and school is addressed to the strengthening of the parental and teachers’ capacities and raising awareness about the consequences of the violence in the lives of children and adolescents.
  • In the community, we intervene to strengthen the local systems of protection, to raise awareness and to compromise the whole community, looking for conjunct solutions.
  • We work with the public institutions to achieve a system of protection efficient and a culture of core-values based on the respect and communication.

We develop the following projects:

1. “Pro Childhood: to know, recognize and apply the children rights” at Lima, Callao, Ventanilla District. With the help of: Kindernothilfe and the Federal Ministry for the Cooperation and Economic Development of Germany –BMZ.

2. “Protection to the children victims of child abuse” at Lima, Callao, Ventanilla District. With the help of: Infants del Món of Andorra