Kusiwarma | Our work
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Our work: what we do and how we do it

We work in the most undeveloped and vulnerable areas of Peru building a relationship of trust. Our goal is to improve the skills and abilities of mothers, fathers, community authorities and teachers in comprehensive care in early childhood to ensure the adequate growth and personal development of children and adolescents.


To do so, our volunteers and professionals stablish direct contact with the community, identify the most vulnerable families and work with them. We also promote the participation of authorities, children and families in the creation of the Community’s Child Protection Policy, design to prevent the violation of children’s rights, monitor its compliance and provide solutions in cases of abuse.


Kusi Warma encourages the organization of the School’s Advocacy Office, responsible for safeguarding children’s rights and sort out cases of negligence. We also participate in the arrangement and organization of school’s municipalities, vital instance that allows students to have their peers represent them and propose improvements for their schools.


In our two decades of work and with the support of partner foundations, we have established two priority areas of intervention: early childhood development and violence prevention. Our commitment goes beyond the life cycle of our projects, we aspire to share our experiences and results with both public and private institutions in hopes to work hand in hand in the creation and strengthening of opportunities for children and adolescents in our country.