Kusiwarma | Early Childhood Development
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Early Children Development

During pregnancy and the first three years of life, the most astonishing growth of the brain takes place. To intervene on the early childhood from pregnancy ensures a good start in life and prevents prevailing health problems as well as malnutrition. Furthermore, it strengthens the bond between mother and son during the first three years of life which is a protective factor when facing violence situations.


Our Integral Model to the Early Childhood (MAIPI, by its initials in Spanish) develops in aspects of nutrition, health, early education and protection. This includes the attention to the children accompanied with their parents at the MAIPI centers, and the home visits, so that they have an adequate growth from pregnancy.


The MAIPI centers are big, calm, clean and secure sites that are given by the community for the exclusive use of the children under 3 years and their parents. There, talks and meeting are arranged with the parents to strengthen their capacities of care and attention to their children, and sessions of early education. They are spaces where parents meet to exchange information and experiences, and of emotional containment for them, who are deeply affected by stress situations cause by the poorness where they live.

We currently develop the following projects:

  1. “Pro Childhood: to know, recognize and apply the children rights” at Lima, Callao, Ventanilla District. With the help of: Kindernothilfe, Germany and the Federal Ministry for the Cooperation and Economic Development of Germany –BMZ.
  2. “Health, nutrition and education for Children under 5 years and pregnant mothers” at the Apurimac Region, Andahuaylas Province, Turpo, Talavera de la Reyna, San Jerónimo, Huancaray and Santa María de Chicmo Districts. With the help of: Manos Unidas of Spain.
  3. “Scaling Early Start in Huancavelica and Andahuaylas” at the Apurimac Region, Andahuaylas Province, Turpo, Talavera de la Reyna, San Jerónimo, Huancaray and Santa María de Chicmo Districts and the Huancavelica Region, Huancavelica Region, Huancavelica Districs. With the help of Bernard van Leer Foundation of the Netherlands.
  4. “Promotion of the children rights at Huancavelica Region”,  in the Huancavelica Region, Huancavelica District”. With the help of: Kindernothilfe of Germany.