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Many times we ask ourselves what we can do so that the children have a better quality of life, and many times we do not find the answer, it seems that there is too much to do and we do not know how to begin.
Kusi Warma offers you the opportunity to contribute to this cause, with a monthly, annual or unique contribution, you can sponsor any of the projects that we have been developing in Peru, to improve the health, nutrition and education of Peruvian children.
Just contact us or make your donation to our bank account, give us your data, and we will send you the information that supports the destination of your contribution. Do not hesitate, trust that you also have the opportunity to bring a little happiness to so many children who need it.


Headline: Asociación Kusi Warma
Current Account in US$ Nº 192-1750998-1-56
Banco de Crédito del Perú – BCP