Kusiwarma | About Us
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About Us

We were born the 2nd June 1997 as the first (and, since now, the only) NGO Peruvian son of Terre des hommes, Laussane, Switzerland, an organism that works for the children’s rights.


From then on, we have intervened in different and culturally diverse contexts of poverty in Peru. Always with direct contact with the children, adolescents, their family and public and private organizations, in order to raise awareness. This way, we contribute to the construction of a good quality of life through access to a adequate education, health and nutrition, and to a harmonic lifestyle within a family and community.


To our professionality, efficiency and responsibly, we owe two decades of interrupted work for the children’s rights. Diverse partners help us by providing resources for the accomplishment of our mission of being a national and regional reference on the development of models of attention to the early childhood.